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The post-apocalyptic world is a topic that is of great interest and is often used by many manufacturers to create new products. The post-apocalyptic world context always brings curiosity and excitement to players. Also, this topic is an attractive challenge for people to express their survival ability. What do you do when you have to live in the post-apocalyptic world? Are you sure you’re the smartest survivor? Search for the answers you want through Underworld: The Shelter. This unique role-playing game brings a crazy world, and you must find a way to survive in the most difficult conditions.

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The power of humanity and the end

After countries around the world use nuclear weapons, many large cities have been destroyed and made human habitats worse with the radioactive environment and ruined cities. Humans have sought to survive in many underground tunnels. To survive, people need to build many basements with their functions to maintain life. You are one of the lucky ones who survived the nuclear disaster. Therefore, you must build a safe base for survivors and ensure to maintain the existence of people on this Earth.

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The safest place after the end of the world

Underground basements will help people limit their exposure to radioactive substances from nuclear weapons. At the start of the game, you will be provided with two cellars. These two basements are hospital areas and community areas. In it, the hospital area functions as a treatment and health care for survivors. And the community area allows you to gather many survivors to shelter. From these two basic basements, you must find ways to expand and build many basements with other functions to sustain life. Dozens of basements with their functions will assist you in your survival. To build new basements, you need to meet the different requirements of the game. In addition to building new basements, players also need to pay attention to renovating and upgrading them to serve more refugees.

Underworld : The Shelter – The Best survival game

Explore dead lands

Besides the task of building basements in Underworld: The Shelter APK Mod, players must also move to various locations to find survivors. In the process of finding survivors, you must also collect the necessary tools to maintain life at your base. Successfully collected tools will give you and everyone more chances to survive. Note, the ground is currently being invaded by mutant creatures and radioactive air.

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With a hazardous environment, your survival ability when moving on the ground is very low. You can easily be attacked by mutant or exhausted creatures when inhaling toxic air. Therefore, players need to move wisely in quests to discover new lands. Try to move quickly to avoid hazards and quickly return to base for health treatment. If you don’t have quick reflexes and move wisely, the character’s HP will drop to zero, and the mission will fail.