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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 25 MB
  • Date Updated: August 18, 2018

If you are a fan of Zombie games then you will know the Dead trigger released by MADFINGER GAMES. This is a very popular Zombie Destroyer game around the globe, players are happy with the challenges that this game brings to them. In recent times, MADFINGER GAMES continues to release their next product called Unkilled. This game promises to bring unique experiences for players with unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. Right now, we will learn about Unkilled for iOS.

unkilled zombie multiplayer shooter 4


Unlike Dead Trigger, Unkilled APK Mod takes the player to an extremely chaotic world. You will be playing a character named Joe, he is a member of the WOLFPACK task force. This guy will have to go to the New York city is in a state of chaos, everywhere in the city are the presence of Zombie. However, the zombies began to mutate and become larger. They have become real monsters with tremendous power and extremely dangerous. You will have to fight these monsters to destroy the origins of the disease and rescue the world.

unkilled zombie multiplayer shooter 3

Familiar FPS game

Unkilled Mod Money has very familiar gameplay, if you have ever experienced the Dead trigger, Unkilled will not surprise you. However, this game has a completely new storyline and more aggressive zombies. This will be a huge challenge for the player to overcome, you will have to defeat the monster as big as a house. They can appear at any time and take your life. Players will have to overcome many different levels of difficulty to be able to stop these terrible monsters. With over 100 different difficulty levels, you will have the opportunity to experience a whole new set of challenges in this game. Of course, each level of difficulty will give players new types of monsters. You will have to face up to dangerous monsters like Butcher, Sheriff, Dodger, and so on. Each type of monster will also have a distinct strength, players need to learn about them to overcome the difficulty level easier. In addition, the game’s submission system is also very diverse. You can play this game continuously for a long time without feeling depressed.

unkilled zombie multiplayer shooter 2

Stronger weapons

A strong warrior will need powerful and modern weapons to fight the enemy. Therefore, the weapon system of the game is also very diverse. With a variety of weapons such as Short Gun, pistol, rifle, MG gun … Each weapon will give players a new power. Use your weapon in the most sensible way to destroy monsters easily.

UNKILLED – Zombie Online FPS – Elite Survival Horror Combat

Impressive graphics

Dead trigger is a lot of players appreciate its graphic design. This game brings the most engaging Zombie battles to the player. But Unkilled Mod Gold owns the most advanced graphics technology to bring players true experiences. To say, this game has a nice graphic design than Dead Trigger. You can see clearly all the details displayed on the screen of the device. The effects of fire in the battle are also very eye-catching. The sound of the game is well designed to bring the most vivid battles to the player.

unkilled zombie multiplayer shooter 1


Interesting plot, beautiful graphics, unique gameplay are the things I want to talk about this game. It gives the player the most intense battles with fierce monsters. Sure, you will love this game at first sight and want to experience it right away. You can use the link that we provide to download this game easily.