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  • Platforms: iOS 6.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 5, 2019

Besides manufacturers from Japan and some European countries, Korea is a country that owns many famous game manufacturers. We can mention some outstanding names such as Netmarble Corp, NCSOFT, Nexon Co., Ltd. or MarsLit Games SRL. In particular, MarsLit Games SRL is a new name in the market of mobile games, but they are getting a lot of impressive success thanks to their attractive product Unknown Fate. With a unique storyline about a fantasy world related to both humans and dangerous monsters. This game will bring many different levels of emotion to the player. You may feel stressed, anxious, scared, and many other states.

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Unknown Fate APK Mod will take players to a crazy world with strange monsters and scary scenes. Here, you can no longer remember who you are and why you appear in such a strange place. You will start feeling confused and scared. Around you are strange and frightening things. Facing this strange incident, you have a duty to find a way to return to your real-world and rediscover your past. Although scared, you must focus and gain the courage to escape this crazy world. This world has a lot of strange things to discover, and each secret discovered successfully will give you the information needed to return to the real world. Therefore, be confident in yourself and complete complex puzzles to return to reality.

Unknown Fate for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Adventure in a strange world

To be able to return to the real world, you must quickly search for lost memories. Finding lost memories will help you understand why you appear in this strange world and how you can return to reality. Collecting pieces of lost memories will be complex. You will have to move constantly to search for clues and in the process of moving you also face many different dangers. Monsters with ugly forms can attack you at any time. Or you can collide with many obstacles and deadly traps.

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When conquering this world, you are provided with a device called The Artifact. With this unique device, you can easily kill monsters or freeze time to overcome deadly traps. This is the only tool to help you survive in this scary world. Therefore, you need to have quick reflexes and use The Artifact appropriately in many different cases. If you do not quickly search for memory fragments and escape from this world, you will be stuck in this strange world and will never be able to return to reality again.

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Graphics and sound

Besides addictive content and many exciting adventure missions, Unknown Fate also possesses a beautiful image quality. For players who have high demands on image quality, this game is sure to make them happy. Besides, the first-person view of the game will bring true experiences to everyone. The sound system also received many good reviews when it brought a variety of emotional states for players.