• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 173 MB
  • Date Updated: September 13, 2019

Among many famous mobile game makers, VOODOO is a prominent name and is achieving much success at present. This manufacturer owns a uniquely creative style of its own. Instead of bringing up many complex challenges and requires a lot of stable control skills. They have prepared games with content that is easy to understand, and people can freely compete online. Besides, their games do not require players to spend a lot of time to experience but still bring a lot of fun in a limited relaxing time.


Along with the success of Helix Jump or Snake VS Block, this manufacturer continues to bring interesting challenges for players in Uphill Run. This is a unique online game; you and many other players will be involved in fun races. Also, the challenges of this game take place at a fast pace. Therefore, helping players can balance work time and relax in a reasonable way.

Uphill Run for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Unique and fun gameplay

Uphill Run for iOS will bring the exciting race that many other games do not have. You and everyone is tasked with moving quickly to the hill at the end of the track. The person who moves fastest to this position will be allowed to control a ball cannon. After controlling the cannon, players will have to use it to eliminate competitors trying to access the cannon. Each match will have a certain time of competition, and you must control the cannon as long as possible to win.

Uphill Run 2

Move wise

At the beginning of the challenge, you will be randomly arranged to compete with many different opponents. To complete the challenge, you have the task of moving quickly and wisely to be able to control the cannon at the end of the track. Note, you have not moved to the end of the track, and the other players have control of the cannon. Your opponents will use this cannon and shoot huge balls to knock down players who are moving on the track. Therefore, you will have to have good reflexes to avoid the attacks of enemies. Clever movement will help you avoid giant balls and approach the cannon to chase other players down to the starting position.

Uphill Run 3

After controlling the cannon, you need to try to make many accurate shots to prevent other players from approaching you. Controlling the cannon with the longest time will help you to win and get bonuses. In particular, the money will often help you make many attractive upgrades and collect many beautiful characters of the game. There will be three main upgrade options: Ball Size, Max Speed, ​​and Boost Speed. The constant upgrade of these directories will give you more chances to win over your competitors.

Uphill Run 4

Simple graphics

Besides the interesting content, Uphill Run also owns an easy-to-see and sharp image viewing system. Although the imaging system is not too sophisticatedly prepared, it still brings many bright colors for players to relax. In particular, each match will be prepared for a racing system with its landscape. Overall, the imaging system is designed to suit the gameplay and will definitely make you satisfied.