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  • Date Updated: January 21, 2019

The mobile game market is now very developed with many products with high image quality and attractive gameplay. Especially the genre RPG is very much interested. If you often experience RPG products, surely you should not ignore the products released by HERO Game. They bring a lot of RPG games and always get positive feedback from users. This producer has very famous products like Art of War: Red Tides. Also, they have another game that also achieved great success, Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival. HERO Game always brings many games with impressive gameplay that you want to experience continuously. And their most recently released online product is Utopia: Origin, a vast world with lots of exciting adventure rides waiting for you and other players to explore.

utopia origin play in your way 1

A large world and exciting adventures

Utopia: Origin APK Mod has a large world along with many different lands waiting for you in front, join discoveries with many other players to have fun memories. The beautiful land with many mysterious forests will bring unexpected challenges for you. The player has the task of building the base and exploring many different lands in the game play. You need to accumulate many different types of resources and try to survive many different dangers. Move continuously to find resources and discover many different locations to help you survive better.

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Build to survive

With adventure and survival activities, you will have to build a house to live. Find the resources you need to build your own home, expand and upgrade your home to enjoy many exciting features. Building a house is not simple because you have to move and accumulate a lot of resources. The first period of the game will be very hard because you don’t own a house yet. Try to find and gather many resources that will help you quickly get a home of yourself.

Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way

Discover many new lands

After having owned a house, you have the task of finding and accumulating food to prepare for the journey to discover new lands. Inside the house, you will be allowed to build many interesting support works such as smithy, stove, fireplace and more. These small projects will help your life more stable and developed. In particular, smithing will be used to create many different items and weapons. Extend and upgrade the smithy to own more powerful items. Possessing strong items will help you easily destroy the dangers of taking on the journey to discover new lands.

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Utopia: Origin for iOS brings a wide world with lots of lands and monsters. You have the task of searching for new lands to collect new resources of better quality. Also, when moving, you will have to deal with many dangerous monsters. The game offers a variety of different weapons for you to use. You will discover many unique weapons and combat skills when making successful weapons from the smithy. Discover new combat skills with a variety of weapons systems, create and use weapons according to personal preferences.

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Utopia: Origin is an interesting game because you will be involved in many survival and combat activities. This game brings many beautiful images with interesting gameplay. 3D graphics with many different challenges bring you the most exciting experiences. Experience now with friends to explore a vast world and many different adventures.