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  • Date Updated: September 6, 2019

For those who love the unique match-3 challenges, they will not be able to ignore the fascinating games released by King producer. This is a famous manufacturer and is known by many different versions of Candy Crush Saga. After much success with the match-3 genre. Recently, they have launched a new game and have completely new content compared to previous games. Instead of bringing the familiar match-3 challenges, players have the opportunity to explore many fascinating strategic challenges and this new game called Valiant Heroes. With an impressive medieval world, players will be involved in the battle between good and evil (human and evil). Are you ready to become the hero of the world?

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Great fight

Valiant Heroes APK Mod is a new strategy game; it will bring many unique strategic challenges to challenge the intelligence of players. It was built with a medieval European backdrop. Therefore, you will discover many fascinating stories about powerful warriors or wicked monsters and monsters. Your world is in danger; the forces of darkness are invading the lands of man. To protect humanity, the most powerful heroes have been summoned. And you are the one chosen to lead the human army in this great battle of light and darkness.

Valiant Heroes for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Familiar but not boring gameplay

Similar to other strategic challenges, players are tasked with building many smart battle plans to defeat their opponents. You will be allowed to collect many different characters to create a battle group of their own. With this battle group, you have to face many different enemies and defeat them to complete the mission. The battle map of the game will be prepared in the form of a grid, and players will compete in the form of turn-based.

valiant heroes 2

To be able to collect many new characters and build a complete battle squad. Players need to complete many different mission systems. Your matches are held at various locations. Each location will have a unique battle environment for you to explore. You can fight monsters in the vast forests or the cold mountains and many other environments. With a variety of combat environments, players also need to use a variety of strategies to defeat monsters. Besides, you also have to fight with many types of BOSS powerful in dangerous missions. Therefore, using the right characters and taking advantage of the terrain to fight is the key for you to achieve many outstanding achievements.

valiant heroes 3

One of the familiar characteristics of the strategy genre is the character upgrade system. Along with having to fight in groups, Valiant Heroes requires players to have many reasonable upgrades to increase the fighting ability for each of their characters. If you do not upgrade the character often, you will be difficult to complete the complex tasks of the game. The power upgrade needs to take place evenly between the characters. From there, it helps to avoid the huge power difference between the characters and cannot cause much damage to the enemies.