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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 58 MB
  • Date Updated: April 9, 2019

For current role-playing games on mobile platforms, they are always invested by the manufacturers and well prepared for the imaging system. Besides the compelling storyline, role-playing games need a sharp image system. Owning a good image system will help players feel interesting and experience often. The game possesses the most impressive graphics system currently VALKYRIE ANATOMIA. It owns a unique and addictive 3D graphics system; you will be satisfied with the game’s image system.

valkyrie anatomia the origin 1

Great image system

VALKYRIE ANATOMIA for iOS will make you love and surprise, it has beautiful 3D graphics with many sophisticated designed characters based on famous stories of Norse mythology. Hundreds of different characters and monsters are carefully designed with many unique details to help you feel more excited when facing new enemies or summoning new characters.

valkyrie anatomia the origin 4

Besides good image quality, the game also possesses a beautiful and unique interface system. With this interface system, you have the opportunity to enjoy many exciting battles. Also, you can discover many smooth movements of monsters and characters. With battles involving Norse mythology, you are allowed to enjoy many beautiful combat effects. All the characters and monsters of the game own their special fighting skills. In particular, when the characters perform combat skills, you will enjoy many short films to help your battles be more interesting.


Fight in groups

The battle system of the game is designed with a turn-based style, and you have to create groups with different characters to join the fight. A group of up to 4 members and you can collect hundreds of different characters to experience. You can freely change the characters of the team when participating in combat. Team fighting also requires you to have a clever strategy when arranging battle squad. If you don’t arrange a good formation, monsters will easily destroy the party members.

valkyrie anatomia the origin 2

Unique items

With familiar role-playing style, you must collect many different items to equip the character. The characters of VALKYRIE ANATOMIA for Android will become stronger when you equip them with two important items weapons and orbs. Each character can equip up to 3 weapons and orbs. Also, the provision of items for the character needs a reasonable calculation and scientific strategy. If the good equipment is used on weak characters will not promote strength. Conversely, characters with good combat ability but using weak equipment will make them lose many advantages when fighting. Therefore, you need to understand the power of each character before equipping items.

valkyrie anatomia the origin 3


If you are interested in image quality before experiencing and have high graphics requirements, VALKYRIE ANATOMIA is an option that will make you satisfied. Besides compelling gameplay, you will not be able to find any minus points in the game’s visual system. Many dungeons and crazy enemies are waiting for you ahead. Create an army of your own and conquer new lands.