Turn-based games are always popular, but they are popular with offline products and very few online products. To meet the needs of everyone, many manufacturers have released online turn-based games very interesting. There is an online game that is considered to be the best at present. Versus NEXT Fight is a new and best-in-class turn-based online game released by Azur Interactive Games Limited developer. You can download games from App Store and Googleplay.

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New and unique products

You are ready to experience the game; you will be involved in the tough match and tactics are very sophisticated. You will collect the characters in the game and use their excellent fighting skills to win the game. In the game there are more than 17 different unique characters for you to experience, each character will bring you different fun experiences. Combining the skills of the character to defeat the opponent, competing in the highest position on the rankings in the game is your only goal.

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Beautiful graphics

The game has very good image quality, and sharp, 3D graphics of the game is highly appreciated. Versus NEXT Fight APK Mod is designed with great graphics and sound. The movement of the character in the game smoother makes you more excited in each match. Also, the layout of the game is simple and easy to understand, you will easily manipulate when playing the game. Overall the graphics quality of the game is very good, and you will be happy to experience the game.

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Like a game of the turn-based type, when you experience the game, you need tactics and rational calculations. Reasonable moves and clearly defining the opponent’s skills are the easiest ways to win. You will experience Versus NEXT Fight for Android with the simple virtual key system, just touch the screen of the device. Touch the in-game items to fight, use items and move to the location of the target. The game has many characters to explore such as Doom, Titan, Animaya, Acidburn, Triplets, Nightmare, and many other unique characters.

Versus NEXT Fight for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In the game there are two modes of play for you to experience: 1vs1 and Clan War, each mode will have its own rules to challenge you and other players. In the 1vs1 mode, you will be playing random matches with other players from around the world. Clan War is a mode where you will fight in groups in the game; you will have to join the Clan to experience this mode. If you are placed in a defensive position in the Clan, you will not be allowed to attack, or you will be attacked by an enemy if you do not have to do defensive work. Attack or defense is up to the Clan, choosing the right place for your character to win the enemy. In particular, upgrading different character skills and buying new weapons in the game’s store is the way to help you get stronger.

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Versus NEXT Fight is an exciting online turn-based game, you should not miss. In the game you will be fighting and making friends with other players, relaxing and sharing the happy story with friends in the game. For a stable gaming experience, your device needs to have a connection with internet or wifi that has a good signal. A simple and fast game experience with the share link at the bottom of the article.