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  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: $6.99
  • File size: 1.5 GB
  • Date Updated: June 7, 2019

Survival challenges and Escape room are always loved by everyone. When it comes to games with this category, you cannot ignore BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe producer. They are one of the famous manufacturers with many products with similar content. Their products are always well designed with attractive story systems and many challenges for players to overcome. One of their outstanding products is Very Little Nightmares. A scary world with many pitfalls and various threats is waiting for you to discover. Are you an adventure lover and ready to conquer crazy challenges? Join now and conquer a series of unique missions.

Very Little Nightmares 2


In the world of Very Little Nightmares APK Mod, children are often missing mysteriously and unexplained. The missing children are usually never found. And the story of the game begins with a yellow raincoat girl being chased by a strange man. She ran into a warehouse and escaped the pursuit of the strange man. Trapped in the warehouse and the strange man who was guarding outside, she found a secret path to escape. From here, you have the task of helping her through various secret paths and successfully escaping from the dangerous man.

Very Little Nightmares 3

Impressive map and many crazy pitfalls

To escape from the warehouse and a dangerous man, a mysterious path was discovered. From this path, you must overcome many different challenges to reach a safe position. In the upcoming adventure journey, the manufacturer has prepared a diverse map system with many paths to challenge you. Each map is a separate area for you to explore, and they have only one exit. Therefore, you need to have wise moves to overcome these dangerous areas.

Very Little Nightmares – Escape room & puzzle adventure

On the road, you will face many unexpected pitfalls. The pitfalls are prepared and scientifically arranged in different areas. If you do not control and watch carefully, you will be defeated by these pitfalls. Each map will be prepared with different paths; each path will lead to many different locations. So you need to explore all the paths on the map to find the only exit.

Very Little Nightmares 4


Very Little Nightmares for iOS will provide you with simple one-touch controls, and you can comfortably enjoy challenges in many different places. To move to the desired location, simply touch the screen to move. One touch will help your character move normally and two touches for the character to run. Depending on the different pitfalls and paths, you must have scientific controls to survive.

Very Little Nightmares 1

Enemies and safe moves

Besides overcoming the pitfalls that appear on the map, the player must also help the character escape the pursuit of the enemy. In some complicated maps, the strange man will appear. At that time, you need to skillfully move and avoid being discovered. If you are seen by a strange man, he will shoot you. Try to move smoothly and not create much noise to survive.