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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 64 MB
  • Date Updated: August 7, 2019

To conquer the continents and new lands, people knew how to use boats to cross vast oceans. In the history of mankind, Viking is the most intelligent seafaring tribe in the world. With their ingenuity and wisdom, this tribe has discovered many new lands to live and loot. To learn more about Viking ‘s journey to conquer the oceans, explore Viking Hunters. It is a game with gentle but very fun adventure content. With unique challenges taking place at sea, the game will definitely bring you a lot of surprises.

viking hunters 2

Fight with powerful monsters

With Viking Hunters for iOS, you have the task of becoming the captain of a Viking ship. From the ship provided, you will have to move to the most intense seas and fight ancient monsters to protect the sea voyage of other Viking ships. Fighting monsters on the sea will not be easy, these monsters possess large sizes, and they can easily sink your boat. Therefore, you need to become a wise captain to defeat the sea monsters and get many attractive rewards.

viking hunters 3

Exciting fighting

When participating in fighting and destroying monsters, the movements of the game will be displayed in the horizontal screen. The manufacturer will give you two different virtual keys on either side of the device’s screen to control your boat. With these two virtual keys, you will have to move skillfully and quickly to avoid the attack of monsters. Each time you join a fight, you are given three hearts to survive. If you lose all the heart provided, the task will be stopped, and you must play again.

VikingHunters – Adventure Tour – Fun and Relaxing Game

To kill monsters, the manufacturer has prepared many weapons for you to use. Each weapon will bring different damage abilities. If you want to deal a lot of damage to monsters, you need to pay attention to upgrading weapons when you have a chance. You can only defeat monsters when attacking their weak points (eye sockets). If you want to attack the weak points of the monster, you will have to observe and control your boat to get accurate attacks. However, monsters will prevent you from performing those attacks, and they will also try to kill you quickly. Therefore, you need to coordinate well the ability to move to avoid monster attacks and perform multiple attacks on the weak points of the monster.

viking hunters 4

Monsters in Viking Hunters are arranged according to a diverse level system. The higher the level, the stronger the monster will be and possess a huge amount of HP. Therefore, you need a lot of time and patience to accomplish the task. Besides, your battlefields are also arranged in stages. When you start exploring the game, you are granted a basic stage to fight and upgrade weapons. Also, the remaining stages will be locked, and you can only unlock them until you pass the challenges that the game requires.