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During holidays, people often choose to travel with their families to relax besides choosing the right place to rest. People also have to choose hotels that offer good service and match their financial capabilities. From the above problems, have you ever thought of building and developing a resort of your own? Using your intelligent thinking ability to manage and maintain resort activities? If you want to explore these fascinating challenges, experience Vineyard Valley: Design Story. This game will bring you many unique challenges and help you show your management ability.

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Your resort

Vineyard Valley: Design Story APK Mod will take you to a classic resort with beautiful vineyards around. However, the resort has stopped serving for a long time, and the equipment inside it is seriously degraded. Therefore, you have the task of completing many different puzzles to rebuild the resort and serve customers. You will have to get a science development plan and upgrade many different areas in the resort.

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Besides resort management content, the game will be prepared with a familiar gameplay system in match-3 styles. To rebuild the resort, you have to overcome many different puzzles. This resort is very large, with many different areas. Therefore, the challenges ahead will be very complicated. You need to overcome many puzzles to unlock and rebuild many areas at once.

Vineyard Valley: Design Story – Match. Decorate. Restore. Play

You will start the game in the kitchen area. Here, you are provided with your puzzles, and completing each challenge will help you change the degraded tools in the kitchen. To serve customers with the best food, your kitchen needs to be equipped with good cooking tools and ensure good food. Overcoming many challenges, you will have more opportunities to upgrade your kitchen. Completing the kitchen renovation process, you have the opportunity to explore new places in your resort. Cross the diverse puzzles of the game and rebuild a beautiful resort.

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Match – 3 challenges are very familiar to everyone, and you can easily accomplish them. However, you are still limited by the number of moves like games in the same category. Therefore, players should not be subjective and must have scientific arrangements to complete the challenge. Besides clever arrangements, the manufacturer also prepares several supporting items so that you can complete the tasks quickly. In addition to rebuilding the resort, you also need to create high scores by completing puzzles. Your achievements will be constantly updated by the game on the rankings. Getting good ratings will help you unlock new benefits for your resort.

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Vineyard Valley: Design Story has a compelling storyline and unique management challenges that will delight you. Successfully combining match – 3 challenges and management tasks helps bring more fun to everyone. Besides managing their resorts, players are also allowed to visit resorts of other players. From there, people will be happily competing and receive many unique rewards.

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