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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: September 28, 2018

All around high-rise buildings, after years of using contaminated walls and not as beautiful as before. So, people need to clean the walls to the beautiful buildings as before. Wall Clean is released by Voodoo, a game that helps you become the guardian of the walls. This is a famous game maker with a lot of impressive products, always receiving special attention from many players. The game is now available on Google Play and App Store. Players can download and experience the impressive gameplay that Voodoo producer brings to you.

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As everyone knows, Voodoo products always attract the attention of many players in the world. The premiere game has had impressive downloads on two major app stores. Wall Clean for iOS promises to continue the success of the previous game. The success of the game affirmed the place for Voodoo in the mobile gaming market. Like the previous games, Wall Clean has simple gameplay that is easy to understand, complete missions and bring you the score you want. High-rise buildings are polluted after years of use, and the surrounding walls become dirtier. Players will clean and protect the walls; each wall is a level that the player must pass. The game takes you to famous cities and buildings around the world.

Wall Clean – Oddly satisfying!

Clean the wall your way

Wall Clean for Android is easy to understand and simple; players just touch the screen then move your finger and sanitize each wall at each level. The game has no time limit on how to clean each wall. Therefore, you will be more comfortable playing the game. The game will help players with different tools to help clean each wall faster. To use the tools you need to accumulate multiple bonus points, each level you complete will earn points to upgrade the tools for the harder levels. Each level will take you to different cities and clean up each wall, to many cities to help players relax and not feel boring. In particular, after completing each level, there will be impressive effects awaiting players to explore.

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Graphics and sound

Voodoo always takes care of every detail of their game, the graphics quality of Wall Clean APK Mod is not complicated but guarantees the best images. The realistic details of the cities at each level make the player more excited. Bright colors help players get better after stressful periods. The simple sound makes the player more interested in the game, along with impressive background music that makes players more excited after each level.

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You will like this game.

Overall, this is a great game for fans of Voodoo. Wall Clean is a game that is easy to understand, not new but the game will not bother you. People can experience this game anytime.