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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: May 9, 2019

War Dogs: Ace Fighters of World War 2 – Human aviation revolution began in World War 2. Since this fierce battle, humanity has opened new limits and new technologies for aviation. Do you want to explore the war machines of World War 2 and understand more about the development of aviation from this war? In this game, you have the opportunity to control the most famous and produced aircraft in World War 2. Each type of aircraft has its design and mission. Discover them and enjoy your own comfortable spaces in the sky.

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Unique simulation game

War Dogs: Ace Fighters of World War 2 for iOS is designed in the style of simulation and gives people the most intense battles of human history. With real battles in history, you will feel the thrill and tension of a pilot when participating in many different tasks. Also, Teapot Games builds various modes and missions to challenge how well you can handle the pressure. Many dangerous and crazy missions are waiting for you in the game, join and complete them to get a unique experience.

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Technology and countries

In World War 2, there were five great powers that possessed powerful air forces and were able to fight well in various stages of the war. These five countries are British, German, Japanese, Soviet and American. With its design and manufacturing technology, each country has its unique aircraft. For example, Japan is famous for its A6M Zero type in the early stages of the war. Or Russia’s Ilyushin IL-2 is the best attack aircraft.

War Dogs : Ace Fighters of World War 2 for Android/iOS

The manufacturer has prepared more than 25 different types of aircraft from the five countries for you to collect and explore. Each aircraft is built with an upgraded system and many different weapons for you to use. Collect your favorite planes and upgrade them to participate in the most intense battles.

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Game mode

War Dogs: Ace Fighters of World War 2 is prepared two game modes of Campain and Multiplayer. In it, Campain mode will provide offline challenges and take you to 5 different battlefields of 5 countries. For England, you will participate in the For King and Country battle. For Germany, your campaign is called Alway in Action. For Japan, your challenge is Beneath the Rising Sun. In the Soviet Union, you need to take part in the national defense missions of The Motherland Call. And finally, the United States, Remember Pearl Harbor – an intense battle that changes the face of the entire World War 2.

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With Multiplayer mode, you will join online battles with friends or other players. This mode will bring to group battles with each mission individually. You and the team members need to divide the mission to defeat the enemy. Every battle needs reasonable battle plans. All team members need to support each other so they can win. Your enemies are players all over the world, and you should not underestimate your enemies.