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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 18 MB
  • Date Updated: January 30, 2019

A war for new power struggles is about to break out globally. Have you prepared good equipment and troops to join the fight? With War Eternal, you will be taught the basics of taking part in a global war. Discover the development and construction process of a powerful empire. Experience and create a unique city with your logical thinking ability. Build many strategies to develop the city, exploit resources and defeat opponents who dare to hinder you. ONEMT producer has created many fierce battlefields and a series of fascinating challenges for you to experience.

war eternal 1

Competitive content is attractive

In War Eternal for iOS, you have the opportunity to discover a genuine war with the participation of many players around the globe. Online competition is not simple and requires players to have many plans and wise calculations to survive. Continuous competition, the strongest one is the one who wins. Single combat or participating in many different alliances is your own choice. Think and make many wise actions to survive an intense battle.

war eternal 2

Continuous development

With a real-time strategy theme, city building and development tasks are very important. Because you will have to build many different buildings to collect the resources needed for city construction. A well-developed city provides a stable resource for war. The first time you experience, you are involved in some basic tasks and instructions to control the game. Complete basic tasks and instructions to help you understand how to control and develop the city.

war eternal 3

Fight and train soldiers

In addition to building and developing the city, you have the task of creating a powerful military force to compete with many other players. Participating in the experience, you are allowed to explore three different civilizations. Each civilization will have its own unique and interesting images. Besides, there are 30 powerful heroes designed according to many myths in the world.

War Eternal for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Summon heroes, build barracks and train soldiers to be ready to fight. The battlefield of the game is very diverse, and you will discover many different lands. The battlefield system is very prominent when allowing you to use different types of soldiers. Arrange your squad to fight according to your unique strategy and defeat all enemies.

Join the alliance or fight alone

Global war will require players to fight constantly. Therefore, you are encouraged to join the alliance to get help from allied forces. Joining the alliance gives you many opportunities and benefits to grow. You can exchange information and talk to people when using the game’s communication system. With automatic translation, the language barrier is no longer available, and you can make friends with many people around the world.

war eternal 4

If you are not ready to join the alliance, you can fight and grow alone. However, you need to create a reasonable strategy to survive the fierce competition between many different players and alliances. Prepare well for the army and accumulate lots of resources to build your city. You will get very little help when fighting alone. Therefore, you should join the alliance as needed to continue to grow.

In general

War Eternal with realistic gameplay will make you satisfied. Vivid 3D graphics and good preparation with lots of beautiful visual details. Overall, this is a well-prepared product from gameplay to graphics. As a fan of strategic games, you should experience it right now and make your reviews.