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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 1 GB
  • Date Updated: August 19, 2019

Robots are always a fascinating topic for manufacturers. The robot games will take players to the future, here takes place the fierce war between the modern weapons. The robots appeared and changed the whole battle. If you are a fan of robot games, you will not be able to miss War Robots released by Pixonic. This game will take players to the future of the earth, the nations have possessed advanced robots to create war. You will engage in exciting battles in this game to satisfy your passions.

war robots 1

Battle of the high tech

You will be travelling to an imaginary future, countries that are using robots to create wars and scramble for power. You will be a warrior; you will have the opportunity to control the most advanced robot to participate in the fierce battle. Players will be joined in a group of 5 other players around the world; you will coordinate with your teammates to destroy all enemies.

war robots 2

Real-time battles will take place at a very fast pace; you will have to look for enemies on the map of the game when the war begins. The enemy will also want to find and destroy you; you will have to find the enemy and destroy them before they do the same thing to you. Also, work with your teammates to create tactics and kill enemies faster.

war robots 3

The game Mod Gold has a lot of different modes for the player to choose from, so you will have a lot of new experiences when participating in other modes. However, the player will have to destroy all enemies to complete the task that the game offers. Teams that complete missions before the time limit ends will win.

war robots 4

Modern weapons

The weapon system in the game is very diverse and modern. The weapons system is divided into three types: Heavy, Medium and Light. Each weapon possesses a distinct strength that the player needs to learn. You can own these modern weapons with the bonus you receive after completing the battle in the game. Also, you can upgrade your weapons to make them stronger.

War Robots – 6v6 PvP Tactical Action

Creative design

Players appreciate the graphic design of this game. War Robots Mod Money own a very creative 3D graphic design, the robot in the game is designed very nicely. Players will easily engage in future wars in this game alongside modern robots. The explosive effects of the battle are so powerful that it makes the battle more authentic.

war robots


Overall, War Robots will be a perfect choice for robot lovers. They can directly experience and control the modern weapons in this game. The real-time battles are so exciting that they are waiting for you to discover. Learn it now!

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