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  • Date Updated: February 16, 2019

Real-time strategy challenges always create strong emotions for everyone when experiencing. The mission of the real-time strategy game requires players to calculate carefully. You must have a good mindset to be able to compete with many other enemies. And the most popular real-time strategy game is now called Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest. This attractive product is produced by Tilting Point; they have prepared many interesting challenges and intense battles for everyone to enjoy.

warhammer chaos conquest 1

Build your powerful empire

In the world of Warhammer Fantasy, you have to compete with many other enemies to gather resources from different lands. Defeat many enemies to build your mighty cities. Destroy the old world and control the new world, which is the most important goal you need to accomplish.

warhammer chaos conquest 2

Join Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest for iOS, players will see a chaotic world and they must re-order to create a new world. To do that, you need to build a strong army and a strong citadel. Become a leader, conquer the world and defeat all the enemies who dare to get in your way. Participate in fighting on different battlefields. Destroy many different buildings and towns to gather resources and expand your influence on the world.

warhammer chaos conquest 3

Building city

The task of building bases needs a lot of resources and time to implement. So you should have many different plans so that the construction task is completed quickly. Build basic buildings during the beginning of the game to receive the necessary rewards. Expanding the city with many different buildings, each building has its functions to use. Therefore, you should be able to grasp the capabilities of each building to make the most reasonable use.

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest – Become the Everchosen of Chaos

Besides the construction tasks to help the city grow, you have to create a powerful defense system to protect the city. This defense system needs to be scientifically designed to prevent enemies from destroying your city. Create many different defense plans because your enemies are huge and powerful.

Collect heroes and train soldiers

In addition to building and developing the city, you have to summon various characters to help you defeat the enemy. Over 20 Daemons of Chaos and 10 Warrior of Chaos for you to unlock and experience. Each character is built with different fighting skills and power. Therefore the use when fighting will be different, so you need to create many good strategies when fighting.

warhammer chaos conquest 4

To build a strong army, you have to build many barracks and recruit soldiers. These barracks will provide you with a variety of soldiers. You need to create a powerful army with many types of soldiers. Possess many types of soldiers to help your army better fight and support each other. Discover carnivorous animals like Gorebeasts or Chimera. Strong infantry like Chaos Chosen, Forsaken and Marauder. There are many unique soldiers waiting for you to discover in front of fierce battlefields.

warhammer chaos conquest 5

Are you ready?

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest is an impressive game that you should not ignore in many of the recently released real-time strategy games. Many interesting events and daily tasks will challenge your leadership. Fight on many different battlefields and discover the power of many beautiful characters. Continuous competition to get many outstanding achievements on the rankings of the game.