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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 140 MB
  • Date Updated: September 27, 2018

Anyone who is an MMORPG fan will know HERO Game publisher. This is a very famous game maker; they have games that attract a lot of attention from MMORPG fans. In 2019, the company released Warrior Saga, a popular MMORPG on the phone during this time. Currently, games are available for free download on App Store and GooglePlay. The game will bring an impressive experience to the player.

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Like other MMORPGs, Warrior Saga APK Mod has a similar plot. The evil forces are entering the human world, and everyone is in danger and who will be the savior of those who is in trouble. That is when you appear as the savior of mankind, is responsible for protecting people. In the game not only you but many other players. Make friends and join the dangerous adventure to save mankind. With each mission assigned you to have the opportunity to participate in exploring new lands with many enemies and rewards.

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The virtual key system is very scientific, the left side of the screen will display the number of diamonds, diamonds used to summon troops, so you need to pay attention. Each unit will need different diamonds, so you need to calculate carefully before buying different types of soldiers. The right side of the screen shows the specific combat skills of each unit. These skills will take some time to use; you need to use them carefully to gain an advantage over enemies. Depending on the situation, buying soldiers and using skills should be carefully calculated. The gameplay of Warrior Saga is simple enough to fit all players and does not take long to get used to.

Warrior Saga: Pixel Adventure – Tiny Game, Huge Fun.


The first task when you join the game is to kill the enemy but to do so; you need to build a strong army. The military needs a lot of strength to protect people. Besides, it must be enough to defeat the enemy. The game offers you many characters; each character has its strength that the player can choose. This is a tactical game, so you need to calculate and observe before deciding. Each level will be different so you need to choose the character that fits your tactics if the wrong choice you will fail. Once you have secured the strength of the army, you will engage in fierce and fierce battles. The mission is to destroy the enemy’s main house and collect spoils. A simple battle system helps players learn them quickly and does not take long to master the game.

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Sound and graphics

MMORPGs are highly acclaimed regarding sound, good sound, which determines the success of the game. Warrior Saga for Android has a good sound background suitable for the control system. The epic sound in each battle scene. 2D graphics in the Pixel style of the game is very impressive and familiar to the player. Familiar Pixel Mode will bring you the classic experience of previous MMORPGs. The combination of sound and graphics familiar with characters makes for a better gaming experience.

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The sound, image, play style of Warrior Saga is really impressive and suitable for fans of MMORPG. Discover, a fight is what awaits you to join and experience the current number one game of HERO Game.