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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 97 MB
  • Date Updated: August 4, 2018

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis is a unique strategy gameplay game released by Kongregate. In this game, players will be involved in a mysterious world. There are so many different races; these races always create wars to scramble for resources and power. The world is starting to get chaotic, and people need someone to end this war. Therefore, you will join the game and become a talented leader. Can you defeat all the other forces and bring peace to this world?

wartide heroes of atlantis 2

Strategy and victory

You will become a great leader in the world of Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis APK Mod. You will lead your troops and other heroes to engage in fierce battles with other races on the map of the game. It can be said that every battle in this game will be a separate difficulty level. Players will engage in highly strategic battles to show their leadership. Unlike other strategy games, this game has unique gameplay. Map of the game will be divided into three lines; you will arrange your army to defeat the enemy on these three lines. When the battle begins, your heroes and soldiers will automatically attack the enemy; players only need to perform touch actions to control their characters using special skills and attack the opponent. Each hero possesses a special skill, which players will need to wait for a while to be able to use the special skills of the character. The battle will end when one of the two teams is destroyed, the winner will receive very attractive rewards.

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After winning the battle, you will receive many rewards and experience points. You can use the rewards you receive to upgrade your heroes and soldiers. Players will gain a stronger army after they perform these upgrades. Also, you can upgrade new skills for your hero. New skills will help you create more tactics to defeat the enemy. The game also has many features such as League, PvP … are waiting for players to explore.

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis – The ultimate strategic RPG

Beautiful design

Players will be fascinated by the graphic design of this game from the very first look. Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis Mod Skills owns a 3D animated cartoon style. The characters in the game are designed in a variety of styles; players will easily recognize the character and create the most appropriate tactics. The game’s sound system is also well-designed to make battles more vivid.

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Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis will take players to a magical world with many engaging battles. They will show their tactical abilities in battle and find new experiences. Are you ready?