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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 70 MB
  • Date Updated: December 17, 2018

Ketchapp is a game maker with simple content, and a lot of people love it, recently they have released a new game, promising to bring a lot of fun for everyone. Water Cave is a fun puzzle game with lots of fun challenges; you will have to use your logical thinking ability to solve the unique puzzles. People will experience endless challenges with many surprises and excitement.

water cave 2

Unique challenge

In Water Cave for iOS, you have the task of helping the sand dig to guide the water through various obstacles and reach the required location of the game. This is a simple but very attractive content because everyone will have to have logical thinking and physical calculations to complete the difficulty level. You will face many different terrains with many obstacles alternating; you need to watch carefully before acting.

water cave 3

Overcoming challenges

Water Cave APK Mod is built with many levels to challenge people and bring a lot of attractive experiences. Each level is a unique challenge for everyone; you will have to watch out for obstacles and come up with an intelligent solution. These options will help people quickly fulfill the requirements and achieve impressive results. In each map, you will see some diamonds. Besides completing the quest, you need to collect the diamonds. These diamonds will help you get more bonus points and create many good scores.

Water Cave for Android/iOS – Gameplay HD(By Ketchapp)

With realistic physical design, the game is prepared with many different maps and terrain. With simple and short maps, people simply create simple passes to complete the request. But with complex and long maps, people will have to create more paths, and these paths will take you much time to move. It takes a lot of time to move, but you will easily fulfill the requirements of the game. Avoid the bombs on the map. If you let the water touch the bomb, you will have to play again. Challenges with unique maps are waiting for everyone to discover.

water cave 4

Friendly graphics

The games of Ketchapp are usually of good quality and easy to see. The details in this game are very simple and do not have many highlights. However, this image quality is considered to be consistent with the content of the game. With a simple imaging system, the game’s capacity is lighter and easier to set up on multiple devices. People will be comfortable to experience and not have to worry about their device being incompatible with the game.

water cave 1

Rating of the individual

Surely everyone will get a lot of exciting experiences in this game, with a friendly and easy-to-experience content that should fit in different ages. People can easily experience these unique challenges in multiple locations. Water Cave is a casual experience for people who do not have much time to relax.