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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: $2
  • File size: 69 MB
  • Date Updated: July 5, 2019

Where’s My Water? is a popular global game and easy to install on many different devices. With compelling gameplay and many unique puzzles, the game has millions of downloads. With puzzles and diverse levels, this game will make you satisfied, and you can experience it continuously without getting bored. It is now available on Googleplay with the latest updated version on July 5, 2019.

Where’s My Water 2

Familiar game

Where’s My Water? APK Mod Will take you to a unique world below the big cities. In this world, you will meet the lovely crocodile of the game – Swampy. This crocodile is very clean, and it has a toilet of its own. However, the water system is in trouble, and you have the task of repairing them so that the crocodile completes its hygiene. Repairing the water system is relatively simple, and you need smart observation to be able to complete the task.


To repair the water system, players will have to create reasonable paths to get water to Swampy personal restroom. To get water to the toilet, you will have to avoid the obstacles on the map and make sure the water volume is not reduced. Note, you can only complete the task after providing the required amount of water. Even if you can bring water to Swampy restroom, it does not meet the water requirements. The mission will fail, and you have to play again until it is completed.

Where’s My Water? for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The game’s challenge system will be built on different levels, and each level will be prepared with its maps to challenge your thinking ability. Each level is also prepared with different pitfalls and obstacles. Therefore, you need to create reasonable water paths and avoid collisions with obstacles on the map. Besides the task of providing the necessary amount of water for Swampy, you also have the task of collecting Mystery Duck. Each level will have 3 Mystery Duck for you to collect and Mystery Duck will be arranged in many different positions. Therefore, you must have smart calculations to collect Mystery Duck and provide the necessary amount of water for Swampy.

Where’s My Water 3

In addition to smart calculations to complete challenges, the game also allows you to use several different assistive devices. Assistive tools will help you complete the task in complex cases. These assistive devices can collect and accumulate at different levels. Or you can buy them from the game store. In general, the number of assistive devices is varied, but you need to use them scientifically. If you use it casually, you may not be able to complete the challenge and have to play again.

Where’s My Water 1

Sharp graphics

Where’s My Water? has beautiful 2D graphics and carefully prepared image details with a variety of colors. Obstacles and pitfalls will provide you with many attractive lighting effects. To match the challenges of puzzles and intellect, the images of the game are built in a beautiful cartoon style and suitable for many different ages.