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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 44 MB
  • Date Updated: December 18, 2018

As a child, everyone had the dream of becoming a powerful knight to exercise justice and defeat the bad guys. If you’ve ever had a similar dream, Wil Knight will help you accomplish that. In this game, people will have the opportunity to become a real knight; everyone will be equipped with beautiful items and fight against many evil monsters. This game was designed and released under the management of 111%; this is a producer who has a lot of successful games.

wil knight 1

Fun and unique content

You will become a knight and have the responsibility to protect people from evil monsters. The lives of people in recent times are threatened when a lot of monsters appear. You will have to fight the evil monsters to ensure a peaceful life for the people.

wil knight 2

Fighting constantly

Everyone will have to fight constantly, destroying all the monsters that appear on the way. Destroying monsters will help people collect more gold coins. Golden coins will help people unlock and use various items in the game’s store. These items will be arranged in different levels for everyone to use, the items will give you strength to become stronger. Collect and equip various items to increase your combat ability and victory.

wil knight 3

In Wil Knight for iOS, people will fight with many monsters and accumulate gold coins. With powerful monsters, you need powerful equipment to kill them. Therefore, you need to accumulate a lot of gold. If that is not enough, then people can fight at old places to accumulate gold coins. Use smart gold coins and unlock the items in the right way to get the best experience. Customize your wardrobe with lots of random and unique arrangements to bring you lots of fun challenges. All items will have their abilities and provide powerful combat capabilities. Armor provides better defenses, better weapons that produce more damage, and horses improve mobility and attack.

Wil Knight for Android/iOS – Gamelay

Simple graphics

Wil Knight APK Mod has 2D and normal graphics because it’s simple picture quality, the game is 43 MB in size and easy to install on many devices and does not take up much of the device resources. Horizontal screen motion provides a visually appealing experience. The user-friendly image details and simple interface provide great control; people just need to touch the screen of the device to experience.

wil knight 4

You will love this game

With its small size and simple gameplay, Wil Knight is a great choice and is suitable for users demanding a light experience. Fight fiercely against many enemies and collect equipment that offers many challenging challenges. People are interested and want to experience this game; please use the link at the bottom of the article to install the game easily.