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  • Date Updated: September 26, 2018

In popular animated films, we know about the Druid tribe. Druid is an ancient tribe, they have created a powerful civilization, and we only know them through the film. Also, this tribe is also a big topic for game makers to exploit, they always want to satisfy players with the latest products. Today, we will introduce you to a new game from 111% producer called Wild Tamer. This game will take you to ancient times; you will be exploring a mysterious world along with other people of Druid tribe. There are many mysteries waiting to be explored in this exciting game right now. Let’s find out about it!

wild tamer 2

Mysterious world

You will become a patriarch of the ancient tribe in this game; you will perform various tasks that the game offers to explore the mysterious world of the game. Initially, the game will give you a small village. You will lead the villagers to seek out different resources and fight the dangers of the outside world. To become stronger, you will direct the villagers to exploit the resources displayed on the map of the game. You also need to perform various tasks that the game offers to get more rewards.

wild tamer 3

With the resources you collect, you can use resources to upgrade your village. Your village will grow much stronger after you make upgrades. You can also use the rewards coming from the game to upgrade your village. Therefore, you will have to complete many different tasks in the game to get more rewards.

wild tamer 4

Explore new lands

The map of the game is very large; it contains a lot of different mysteries that players need to explore. You will control your soldiers and make different journeys to explore the map of the game. You can find new resources, meet other tribes, discover new animals … Surely, this game will attract you, and you will never get bored when you join. This game.

Wild Tamer – Druid VS Animals


Unlike the previously released games of 111%, Wild Tamer APK Mod owns a completely new 2D graphic design. Players will be involved in a mystical world in this game, you will feel like watching an animated film about Druid. The environment and character in this game are also designed in a unique style; you will get the most enjoyable experience. Regarding sound, players will enjoy a unique experience while enjoying the sound of this game.

wild tamer 1

Why not play Wild Tamer?

If you are looking for a unique strategy game, Wild Tamer will be the perfect choice for you. It will bring the most exciting experience to the player with its unique graphic design and simple gameplay. This is a game worth your attention; you can experience it through the links at the bottom of our article.