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  • Date Updated: October 4, 2018

Farm game is one of the things that people love. The work of the farmers in this game makes the player feel comfortable. Have you ever wanted to own a farm? If you want to have your farm, experience Wild West: New Frontier of Social Quantum. In this article, I will help you understand what farm life in the western United States is and why Wild West: New Frontier for iOS is all about.

wild west new frontier 1

Farms and interesting jobs

Farm content is not new, but Wild West: New Frontier will give you an impressive view of farm life in the western United States. The game takes you to the western United States, where you have the task of building your farm. Unlike other farm games, Wild West: New Frontier APK Mod will bring you an exciting experience. When you become the boss of a large farm.

wild west new frontier 2

Grow your dream farm

Relax with the simple gameplay of Wild West: New Frontier. In the game you will be the boss of a farm, you are responsible for caring for and expanding your farm. The game is built with the virtual key system to experience. With the virtual key system, you can do farm work by tapping your mobile device’s screen.

wild west new frontier 3

To grow your farm, you need to complete the assigned tasks. The game will have a mission to ask you to complete, at the simplest level you will quickly complete the required tasks. But at a more difficult level, you will have to be careful if you do not want your farm to go bankrupt. After each mission, you will receive bonuses and experience. In particular, the experience will be used to upgrade the farm level, and the bonus used to build the farm. You need to accumulate enough bonuses to expand the farm, such as building a warehouse, cage animals, wells, windmills, etc.

Wild West: New Frontier – Farm day life: village tycoon

Also, you will sell food produced at the farm to increase bonuses. You will grow and harvest crops such as wheat, corn, pumpkins, etc. On the farm, you can raise livestock like chickens to harvest eggs and cows to harvest milk and meat. Rice is used to make bread, cow’s milk is used to make cheese, etc. You can even decorate the farm according to your preferences.

Beautiful graphics

Wild West: New Frontier has beautiful 3D graphics, detailed image is designed meticulously. The game also lets you rotate 360 ​​degrees to view the farm in the most comfortable way. The details in the game are very lively; the sound is also designed soothing and easy listening to help players feel comfortable playing the game. The image of the game will make you excited and do not want to stop playing the game.

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Are you ready?

If you are tired of city life, then the farm game will be a way for you to relax. Join the game and experience the exciting life of the farm. The game is suitable for everyone; this is a place for you to relax the soul.