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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: February 20, 2019

The amusement park is a place to create a lot of fun for everyone. You will be happy to participate in exciting games like roller coasters or wooden horse rides. If you’ve ever been to various amusement parks and had the idea of ​​building your amusement park, join the task of building an attractive amusement park with Wonder Park Magic Rides. The mission of this game is very gentle and creates many positive emotions for players when you will be comfortable creating to create a park your way.

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Build a fun entertainment world

Entering the magical world of Wonder Park Magic Rides for iOS, you’ll have to create a beautiful amusement park with your creative ability. Build rollercoasters, Ferris wheel and many other interesting shops. You will choose the best places to build entertainment and shops beautifully to create an interesting entertainment space. In addition to exciting building challenges, you also have the opportunity to become a manager when supervising the park’s activities. Calculate the costs needed to build many new recreational facilities and manage the number of customers to your park.

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Salient features

You will start with a small amusement park; you need to build and develop parks to attract people’s attention. Customers who come to explore your park will help you get the bonus. Accumulate the most bonuses to build new buildings or new stores in the park. You should have a smart plan to help the park grow stably.

There are many different options for you to design your park, each area in the park will be edited by you. Players should arrange shops and entertainment facilities in the park in a reasonable manner to create comfort for customers. In addition to building new entertainment facilities, you are allowed to decorate the park with a variety of trees or neon lights. Help the park become more beautiful with many unique decorations.

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The task of management

After successfully building new entertainment facilities and stores, you need to develop the park with a good management system. Control the number of customers coming to your park, upgrading entertainment facilities or shops to serve everyone’s needs. Stores should receive regular ingredients to create familiar dishes like popcorn, burgers, ice cream and many other dishes. Help the park to be stable and avoid Chimpanzombie sabotage. Besides, you are also allowed to visit many entertainment facilities of many other players.

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Exciting entertainment space on your device

Wonder Park Magic Rides APK Mod has beautiful graphics, and many details of the game are designed very authentically with an impressive colour system. With proper construction and layout, you will create a good entertainment environment with many different shops and entertainment facilities. The game has a good interface to help users easily manage the park.

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With gentle challenge and especially suitable for families with young children. Wonder Park Magic Rides promises to bring a lot of fun to everyone. Challenge your ability to manage and be creative with many unique edits to create a great amusement park right on your device.