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  • Date Updated: August 27, 2018

Are you a culinary enthusiast? The saying that I often use is “Life is to eat”; Because, according to my thinking, you have been struggling to study, work? So, why not treat your body and soul well by eating good foods to bring happiness and energy back to your body? In the past, I used to dream of becoming a chef to be able to prepare the perfect food for everyone to enjoy. If you have a dream like me that you can not do, then I will introduce you to a game called World Chef. The game was developed and released by Social Point, a casual gaming game, which is a game that has earned a lot of love of culinary enthusiasts and loves to become a chef who manages a restaurant of their own.

world chef 5


World Chef Mod Gems is a game that allows you to become a cargo manager; you can name your restaurant and put the restaurant into operation. Your restaurant is new and has no reputation and small scale; you will help the restaurant become famous and have many customers visit. To do that, you will have to manage the supply of raw materials processing food daily, check the ordering requirements of customers to timely prepare the ingredients and quickly processed into delicious food, spectacular.

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However, to make your restaurant famous and maintain its popularity is not easy at all, the standard of the restaurant will be more strict. At the same time, you will have to focus on the service and the food, how to provide the best service to customers and the best food.

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Professional service style will bring to your restaurant the appreciation of customers; their difficulty is not they want to affect your business, but because of their trust and time. Look forward to the quality of the restaurant you are very good. Therefore, when you conquer difficult customers, it is when you make them feel happy and stick with your restaurant, they will introduce your restaurant to their friends and relatives to eat at your restaurant.

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You take the saying “the customer is God” as the motto of your restaurant. You need to remember that it is very difficult to get credibility, but losing credibility is very fast, so you need to be careful. When the restaurant is high turnover, you think to decide to decorate the restaurant, expand the scale of restaurants, hire more chefs and service staff …

Download World Chef – Restaurant & Cooking Game

Rich foods are one of the most important determinants of the success of your restaurant, and you can only make the most out of a chef. To cook Japanese food, you need to hire a Japanese chef. To cook Chinese food, you need to hire Chinese chef, … It is important that you know the origin of the food from which country to hire chefs of that country. Variety of dishes will help you attract more customers. Instead of pointing at your restaurant to enjoy some fixed food, they can come to your restaurant and order all the dishes in the world.

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The quality of food ingredients is the most important thing to make the reputation of the restaurant; you need to pay attention to check the raw quality of raw materials to create the freshest food if you use raw materials. Poor quality, the food you create will also be underestimated.

Graphics – Sound

World Chef Mod Money is designed based on 2D graphics platform, the image in the game is beautifully designed. Custom chefs have their own identity; you can easily see where they come from. The colours in the game are bright; the sound is designed to fun to create a very happy experience.

World Chef cover


World Chef Mod Instant Cooking is designed to fit all ages and genders, and you’ll be happy to experience the game. To download and install on your device, visit the link below.

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