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  • Date Updated: September 6, 2019

Cricket is a sport many fans around the world play in every year. World Cricket Championship 2 is a very popular sports game released by Nextwave Multimedia. This is the next version of the Cricket game series that is enjoyed by many mobile users. With all-new features and high-quality graphic design, players will have the most fun and unique experience when participating in this game. Currently, the game is available on both Google Play app store and App Store. We will show you the simplest way to download and experience this game.

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Dramatic matches

At the start of World Cricket Championship 2 Mod Unlocked, the player will be selected for the team they want to control. You can choose your team in many big teams around the world. The game has over 28 different teams to choose from. You will control your team over the big league and become the strongest team in the world. The tournaments in the game are very diverse; players can choose from different tournaments such as World Cup T20, Blitz Tournament, World Cup and ODI Series.

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These are the world’s leading cricket tournaments where players will have the opportunity to participate in the game. Each match in the tournament will be a difficult level. Players will have to control their characters to follow tactics to be able to win in higher difficulty levels.

In addition, players can recruit new players for their team in the recruiting part of the game. Your squad will be much more powerful when it comes to possessing players with good skills and superior physique.

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Every game in the game will have the same rules as in real life. Players will need to control each player in their squad to be able to win the game. Therefore, the control for each character of the game will be different. Players need to practice for a long time to be able to familiarize and control their characters most skillfully.

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New feature

In World Cricket Championship 2 Mod Coins, the developer has brought in more than 45 new polish skills. You can perform hard skills such as Dil-Scoop or Upper-cut extremely realistic. In each polished phase, players will be able to select different camera angles to enhance the experience for the match. With over 40 different camera angles, players will have the freshest and realistic experiences in the game.

World Cricket Championship 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

In particular, you can participate in PvP mode to improve your skills by playing against other players around the globe. You win a lot to get great rewards coming from the game. The game also has many other features that are waiting for the player to experience and explore.

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Use advanced graphics

World Cricket Championship 2 for iOS owns a very realistic 3D graphics design. The most advanced graphics technologies are now applied in the game to bring the most realistic experience for players. With over 100 different action effects for each character. The emotions of the characters in the game are expressed in the most obvious way. The sound of the shots and the voice of the character in the match are described as very livelily.

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The end

World Cricket Championship 2 will be an extremely attractive game for cricket fans. With the huge changes coming from the developer, players will have the most authentic experience in dramatic matches. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.

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