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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
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  • Date Updated: October 8, 2018

The content of life after the end of the world is always interesting. Today’s survival games are being developed extensively. Do you think you will survive the end of the world? If you want to know your endurance, join World of the Decayed released by Doe.navarro. This is the most intriguing survival game ever.

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A strange disease has changed the world. This is a cure, and the infected person is no longer human. The number of people who are not infected is very small, and they are the last. The apocalyptic world is devastated, and the living conditions are extremely difficult. Those who are not infected must try to live through the day and protect themselves from those who are infected.

world of the decayed 2

Way to survive

Things have changed after the end of the world, buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed. To survive you need to rebuild from the beginning. The first is that you will have to look for different materials to build yourself a home to live. Then you will have to find the items needed to sustain your life. For example, you would go to an abandoned hospital to look for medicine. Go to the abandoned grocery store to look for food like food, drinks, etc. In particular, you need to find ways to make the necessary weapons to fight the beast and the sick.

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To join the game, you will use the virtual key system to move the character. In there, the virtual key on the left of the screen will be used to move the character and talk to everyone. The virtual key on the right side of the screen will be used to work and fight. The virtual keys in the center of the screen will be used to control your items.

World of the Decayed for Android/iOS – Gameplay


This is a multiplayer online game, so you will have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Connect with friends, people, and invite them to join your team, the more people who help you have a higher chance of survival. Make friends and choose the best friends and co-exist and overcome the difficulties of life.

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Impressive play mode

World of the Decayed APK Mod has two modes for you to choose from when joining the game. The first is BOSS RUSH mode. In this mode, you will take part in battles and complete missions to earn rewards. To complete the quick task in this mode, you should join other players to increase your chance of winning. If you are alone, your chances of winning are very low, and you will have to play again if you fail. Following the PVP regime, we will not need to talk much about this common mode. There will be different PVP events, so you can join the different players and receive rewards that will be useful for you later.

Graphics and sound

World of the Decayed is a survival game, so the game graphics are designed very impressive and beautiful. Image details include homes, trees, infected people, … and so on. Character details are also designed impressively. Smooth movements of the character while working and fighting will make the player excited when playing the game. The sound of the game is also designed to match the game.

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You will definitely like this game

Want to challenge yourself to find the way to survive in the harshest conditions, World of the Decayed will be a game that you should not miss. The game will give you the most authentic and impressive experience. Connect with people and overcome difficult challenges in the game.