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  • Date Updated: April 15, 2019

Many exciting battles and opportunities for you to become a great commander in World War Arena. When exploring, you will enjoy real-time strategy elements and use a variety of different soldiers in combat. Strategic and combat elements of the game are built gently and create a lot of fun experiences for everyone. The game is also prepared with a unique and bright image system, which makes it suitable for all ages. To explore these exciting strategic challenges, please use the link at the end of the article.

World War Arena 1


World War Arena for iOS¬†owns an interesting and exciting gameplay system. You will have to compete regularly and collect different cards to create a powerful army of your own. In addition to the task of collecting cards and possessing different types of soldiers, you are also in charge of commanding the battlefield. In each match, you will have to summon and create many diverse battle teams to destroy the enemy’s base. Using smart strategies is the only way for you to win.

World War Arena 2

Build troops and upgrade

With a diverse card system, you have the opportunity to discover and use many different types of soldiers in combat. The card system of the game will bring you various types of soldiers such as infantry, tanks, artillery, and many other units for you to explore. During the experience, you must participate in the battle and perform various tasks to collect new cards. Each successfully collected card allows you to own a new type of soldier.

In addition to the task of building a powerful army, you must also ensure the fighting capacity of the army by conducting regular upgrades. To upgrade the cards, you need to collect the same cards, and after you have accumulated enough required cards, you can proceed to upgrade. The upgrade will help you improve your combat ability for each type of soldiers in your army. Besides the task of upgrading soldiers, you can also upgrade new skills for the commander in chief. Upgrading commander in chief skills will help you use some special skills when fighting.

World War Arena 3

Create clever strategies and defeat enemies

You will participate in online battles with many others, and your battles will take place with different waves. Before fighting, you are provided with a short time to summon soldiers and arrange battle formation. The time to prepare for battle is very limited. Therefore, you need fast and scientific calculations to gain many advantages before the enemy on the battlefield. In particular, each type of soldier will have its strengths and weaknesses. So you need to observe the battlefield accurately and summon soldiers in a reasonable manner.

World War Arena for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Alliance and daily mission

Like other global strategic challenges, World War Arena APK Mod allows you to create or join different alliances. With online competition, joining alliances is necessary to ensure your development. Join the alliance and help your alliance grow to get more attractive rewards. In addition to the exciting rewards of developing an alliance, you also get many rewards and experience points when performing daily tasks of the game. To own more powerful soldiers, you must perform regular daily tasks.

World War Arena 4

Animation style graphics

World War Arena has beautiful 3D graphics and an imaging system built in an interesting animation style. The character’s movements in combat are easy to see and bring a lot of good entertainment for users. With animation style, players will get more comfortable when experiencing without feeling bored. Besides, you also enjoy many unique combat effects from different types of soldiers or interesting combat support skills.