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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 28 MB
  • Date Updated: August 20, 2019

With the goal of providing gentle and simple relaxation times for everyone, Popcore Games producer has designed and released a unique challenge. It is called Wrecking Ball, and you will be free to explore the exciting destruction missions of the game. The game will give you many different shaped objects for you to destroy. Developed with simple and easy-to-understand content, you can easily install and explore this game anywhere. It is now available on App Store and Googleplay.

wrecking ball 2


Wrecking Ball for iOS is designed with very simple tasks. You need to touch the screen to control the crane and destroy objects with unique shapes. With the task of destroying different shaped objects, you will feel more comfortable and comfortable. After tiring working periods, exciting demolition challenges are always a reasonable choice to relieve stress.

wrecking ball 3

Destroy everything

Your demolition missions will be built at individual levels, and each level will give you unique shaped objects. To destroy these objects, you only have to perform some simple control operations. If you want to complete the challenges quickly, you need to choose reasonable destruction targets. Selecting goals and wise calculations can help you complete tasks with a single play. Your challenges will be limited to the number of controls. Each level only allows you to perform a maximum of five demolitions. If you pass the limit, the challenge will fail, and you have to play again until it is completed.

Wrecking Ball! –¬†Oddly satisfying knockdowns!

With many levels and different shaped objects, you must watch carefully to choose the right targets to destroy. Since your number of turns is limited, you need precise control and destruction of targets quickly. If you don’t get good control and choose an unreasonable goal, you won’t be able to destroy anything. The shape and number of destroyed objects will be very diverse. From there, there will be many different goals or weaknesses for you to choose to destroy and complete the mission. Each item has its weakness. Try to observe and find their weaknesses to complete tasks with the shortest amount of time. Dozens of levels and beautifully shaped objects are waiting for you to explore ahead.

wrecking ball 4

Simple and colorful graphics

To match the gameplay, Wrecking Ball is designed with an easy-to-see visual system, and cleverly uses a variety of colors so that players don’t get bored. Also, the objects designed with different shapes also bring a lot of excitement to the players. You can destroy a star, a cup, a sculpture, and many other attractive shapes.