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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 185 MB
  • Date Updated: January 24, 2019

There are many games in Battle Royale category on the mobile game market. These games are loved by a lot of people because it brings lots of fun and unexpected challenges. There are a lot of producers who have created their own Battle Royale versions, each with its unique features to bring exciting experiences to everyone. Recognize the opportunities and development possibilities of this game genre. Recently the famous Xiaomi phone manufacturer has decided to participate in producing a unique product of their own with the name Xiaomi Survival Game. This game was built and developed based on the most impressive characteristics of the Battle Royale genre. To create a lot of impressions for people, the manufacturer has made many changes to bring new experiences to users.

Xiaomi Survival 2

Familiar gameplay and smooth controls

Similar to other products of Battle Royale category, Xiaomi Survival Game for iOS will take you and other players to different islands to compete. You will have the opportunity to confront 99 players worldwide. The last survivor at the end of the match is the one who wins. Try to survive and defeat your 99 opponents to win. To bring unexpected experiences to you and everyone, the manufacturer has made some changes to make the game more attractive. First, you have the opportunity to experience the lounge on an outer space station. Next, you and everyone will be transported by airship to a deserted island.

Xiaomi Survival Game for Android/iOS – Gampelay

To fight and survive you need to jump out of the spaceship quickly, you are encouraged to choose the location before jumping. Observe the map and select the location that suits you to jump down. If you want to avoid fighting right at the beginning of the match, you should choose locations that are far away. Conversely, if you want to experience intense competition, you should choose places where many people jump down. When you experience, you are provided with a simple control system to control the character. The control system is designed with many different virtual keys to help your character move and fight. You will have to take some time to get used to the control system. After some match, you will find this system very easy to use.

Xiaomi Survival 3

Weapons and characters

The game’s weapon system is completely new compared to other Battle Royale products. You experience a completely new weapons system because they are designed in a unique sci-fi style. This style brings impressive images, and your weapon has a unique appearance. You have the opportunity to experience the weapons of the future with high damage abilities.

Xiaomi Survival 4

Besides the exciting changes of the weapon system, you will experience epic battles with four different character types. Each character is beautifully designed with many different costumes; you will experience these characters after unlocking them. To unlock new characters, you must constantly fight to accumulate lots of bonuses. Each character will have different prices, so to own all four characters you need to own a large amount of money.


Xiaomi Survival Game with 3D graphics and high-quality image system will make you satisfied. Also, with many unique changes, you will enjoy many beautiful details. Get ready for new challenges.