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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 95 MB
  • Date Updated: September 17, 2019

As everyone knows, Japanese society is not only famous for being tidy and working hard with high labor productivity. They are also famous for dangerous mafia gangs. These mafia gangs are called Yakuza in Japan. Yakuza is very famous for the 90s of the last century. From the fame and interesting stories surrounding the working style of Yakuza, SEGA producer has developed a unique RPG related to Yakuza on the PC platform. Now, SEGA manufacturer has also released an attractive version on the mobile platform, and it is called Yakuza Online. Compared to the PC platform, the mobile version will be designed with many new changes to bring many interesting challenges for everyone.

Yakuza Online 2

Competition to develop more

Coming to Yakuza Online for iOS, people will discover the fierce competition of Ichiban Kasuga to regain the neighborhood where he once lived and grew up. After being imprisoned for 17 years and released from prison at the age of 40, Ichiban Kasuga returned to Kamurocho and discovered it was occupied by many Yakuza gangs. Since then, Ichiban Kasuga has devised a daring plan to take back Kamurocho and destroy other Yakuza gangs. The journey ahead of Ichiban Kasuga will be very dangerous, and you must help this character regain what was lost after 17 years.

Yakuza Online for Android/iOS – Gameplay

New gameplay

Instead of RPG style like the PC version, Yakuza Online will bring people unique strategic challenges and addictive team fighting style. To regain Kamurocho, you will have to build your Yakuza gang and fight continuously with other competitors. The game will be prepared with many different characters for you to collect, and each character will be prepared in the form of a card.

Yakuza Online 3

During the battle, you are allowed to use and arrange a battle formation with up to five different members. In particular, each character will be designed with their special attack skills. And you can activate these skills after accumulating enough necessary energy after each turn. With strategic elements and team competition, players need to have a lot of agile thinking to defeat their opponents quickly. Each match will take place with each different wave. Therefore, you need to observe the battlefield to come up with many reasonable strategies and win.

Yakuza Online 4

Anime style graphics

Not only is the content highly appreciated, but this interesting strategy game also receives many good reviews for its graphic quality. Set in Japan, the characters of the game will be designed in a more attractive and mature anime style. Besides, the manufacturer also brings a new perspective for players in team fighting style. Instead of providing a broad third and panoramic view to help you easily observe the battle formation of yourself and the enemy. The manufacturer has prepared the first perspective to bring you more vivid images. With an interesting first-person perspective, you will face your enemies and enjoy a lot of intense emotions during the battles between Yakuza gangs.