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  • Date Updated: September 17, 2019

In addition to providing students with the knowledge, schools are also a place for students to explore and develop themselves. In interesting discoveries at school, fluttering emotions before the opposite sex is always a memorable experience. Have you ever cared for and loved the opposite sex at your school? And are you willing to do anything to protect your intense love? If you want to discover an interesting love affair at school, come to Yandere School. Join it; you will enjoy the romance in school in a new way. Instead of bringing pure love stories. This game will bring you a fierce competition to protect your love.

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Yandere School for iOS will take people to a high school in Japan, and the main character of the game is Akari Furutaka – a lovely girl. Like many girls, Akari Furutaka had an eye on a male student at the school after an unexpected meeting. Ever since their first meeting, Akari Furutaka has fluttered and fallen in love with Makio Sono – a famous schoolboy with a handsome and polite appearance. However, Makio Sono is very popular at school, and there are always many girls who want to pursue him. Since then, Akari Furutaka has decided to protect his intense love with Makio Sono. She will do anything to keep Makio Sono by her side and ready to destroy the other girls.

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Love will make us lose reason

When participating in the game, you will become Akari Furutaka, and you are tasked to destroy all the girls who intend to approach Makio Sono. Besides, you also must build a good relationship with Makio Sono. The task of destroying competitors is relatively simple. You need to follow Makio Sono and capture his relationships. From there, you can identify dangerous targets to destroy them. The tracking of Makio Sono should be conducted carefully, and you need to avoid being detected while tracking your goals.

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After determining the targets to destroy, you must collect weapons hidden in the school. Also, you need to develop a clever plan to be able to destroy your rivals quickly. In particular, you need to kill your rival and not be suspicious of everyone in the school. In particular, you need to make sure Makio Sono will not doubt you are involved in these murders. If Makio Sono finds out you are the real culprit, your love relationship will be over, and you will have to play again. Think nimble to get many wise plans and complete the challenges of the game impressively.

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Yandere School is a fascinating simulation and RPG game. Besides unique content, this game also has a simple control system that helps players do not need to spend a lot of time to get acquainted. With many characters and complex relationships, you will have to have many clever calculations to be able to conquer the crazy challenges of the game. Note, this game has violent content and is not suitable for audiences under the age of 17.