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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 50 MB
  • Date Updated: March 13, 2019

As a person who is interested in fun challenges, you will know the Platform game genre. This is a unique genre with compelling tasks, and it brings a lot of fun to everyone. Some famous games of this genre include Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic and many other games. This category is very popular on PC platforms and is now widely developed on mobile platforms. And an interesting game with this genre released on the mobile platform is Yeah Bunny 2. You will participate in many unique adventures with baby rabbits and rescue the lovely chickens.

Yeah Bunny 2 1

The journey of fascinating adventure

You will start with an interesting story with many different small videos. The tourist boat of baby rabbits and chickens is stabbed into a mysterious island. After the accident, the chicks are missing, and the baby rabbits will replace the chickens to find the chicks on this mysterious island. You are tasked to explore different places on this mysterious island and rescue the chicks.

Yeah Bunny 2 2

Great challenge

With the unique challenges of the Platform game genre, players will experience simple but fun moves. The bunny will automatically move, and you have the task to help the rabbit avoid the obstacles that appear on the way. The obstacles will appear continuously in each level. Therefore, to avoid obstacles and pitfalls, you just need to touch the screen to jump up high. Tap once to jump in the air and touch two times in a row to jump higher. With this simple and interesting control, you can join the game immediately without the instructions from the game.

Yeah Bunny 2 – pixel retro arcade platformer

Challenges will be arranged with individual levels, and you will have to complete each level to participate in the next challenge. To complete the level, you need to overcome many obstacles and traps to move to the end of the map. On the way, there will be many interesting rewards for you to collect and obstacles to avoid. In particular, at each level, there will be three stars to collect. You achieve higher scores when you collect all these three stars. Complete all the challenges with three stars and become the best player.

Yeah Bunny 2 3

The game will bring a lot of different surprises for players to explore. In special levels, BOSS will appear and complete the level you need to defeat BOSS. Each different level will be prepared with different BOSS. When faced with BOSS, players can use different ways to defeat them. Also, you also have the opportunity to explore seven lovely lands when participating in the experience. Each land will be individually designed with beautiful images and provide many interesting experiences for everyone.


Players can easily recognize attractive 8-bit graphics with many cute and interesting moves in this game. The characters in the game are built on many different animals. Each character is carefully built with many lovely images. Obstacles and pitfalls are also arranged scientifically to bring unique challenges to players. Many lands with fun challenges will create many memorable experiences for you.

Yeah Bunny 2 5


Yeah Bunny 2 will make you happy with a lovely image and gentle challenges that bring fun to everyone. To be able to experience the game right now, use the sharing link at the end of this article.