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  • Date Updated: May 25, 2019

The zombie theme is always a fascinating topic for filmmakers or game producers to exploit. The content related to zombies always brings excitement to everyone. You will be able to explore a wild and dangerous world after this dangerous disease invades the earth. Do you want to explore a crazy and dangerous world right now? What will you do in the context of a world invaded by a zombie disease? Do you want to survive? Discover Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival to enjoy the most authentic survival challenges. A world full of dangerous zombies, and you must find ways to survive in the most difficult conditions.

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Survival and development

If you are looking for a challenge of your leadership and survival, Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival APK Mod will make you satisfied with the fascinating gameplay system. After a zombie outbreak, you will have to build an underground base to survive. In addition to surviving, you must also look for people who are not yet infected. Finding as many ordinary people as possible will expand your base and will reduce the number of enemies.

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Search for survivors and base development

Your first task is to find survivors of the ruined world. Every ordinary person found it will help you get more allies in this fierce survival battle. The people you help will work for you and help you expand the base so you can save more people. In addition to finding ordinary people, you have to train them to be ready to fight when zombies attack the base. In the beginning, the number of people you are allowed to help will be small because your base is small. However, you can expand your base when meeting the requirements given and will save more people.

Zero City: Zombie Shelter  for Android/iOS РGameplay

Building and developing bases need a wise plan. You need a reasonable calculation for the base development work to be smooth. In particular, those who live in your base need to work together to survive outside threats. In particular, the expansion of the base and the construction of new rooms will take time and different stages. Build a science plan to create a safe world for people.

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Fight and survive

Besides helping people, you also have to fight zombies regularly. If you do not fight and destroy zombies, they will gather and attack your base. The fighting will be done with small warrior groups; you will have to build your warrior group. Search for weapons or find ways to build weapons to be ready for battle. There are many different locations for you to find survivors and fight zombies. Also, you also need to build a good defense system for your base. The game has prepared many different defense systems for you to use. Depending on your needs, you need to select defensive systems that match your strategy.

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Online competition

One of the attractive features of Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is a unique PVP system. Besides you, there are hundreds of other bases, and they also try to find ways to survive. However, the current difficult living conditions will make it difficult for people to share resources. Therefore, conflict and competition among survival groups are inevitable. Try to protect your base and those who live inside it. Defeat other players, so they don’t dare invade your base and become the only leader of the new world.