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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: March 19, 2019

The current trend of mobile game manufacturers is towards producing simple games that still provide the entertainment needs necessary for everyone. These products always get a lot of attention because it brings comfort to the players. And the two manufacturers are very successful with the above strategy of Ketchapp and Voodoo. In it, Ketchapp is currently very successful with games like Knife Hit, Sky Ball or Space Frontier. Also, they received a lot of good reviews from users with ZigZag. A simple game with many interesting challenges for everyone.

zigzag 1

Have fun

ZigZag for iOS brings many challenges for everyone to experience. You are in charge of controlling a marble and moving through many complicated sections of the game to complete the challenge. These challenges are not too complicated, but to control the game well, you need to experience it constantly. Also, when participating in challenges, you also need perseverance and a quick reflex. If you don’t control it properly and get an agile reflex, you’ll have to replay 1 level continuously.

zigzag 2

Endless challenge

You will have to move through many narrow and complicated roads to reach the farthest location. The farther you move, the higher your score will be. With narrow and complex road sections, you need to focus on the control. Because an incorrect operation will cause the ball to fall from the way and you must play again from the beginning.

zigzag 3

Your ball will automatically move, and you have to touch the screen to adjust the direction to move left or right. You should pay attention to the operation because a control too fast or too slow will cause the ball to fall off the way. Also, the way will be prepared with many different colours. The colours on the way will change constantly and cause you to lose focus when controlling. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the way observation carefully.

ZigZag for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Besides controlling the movement of the ball, the player must also collect diamonds that appear on the way. Controlling the movement of the ball logically and collecting many diamonds will give you a lot of exciting experience. Also, the collected diamonds will help you unlock many new balls. To help players not get bored, the manufacturer has prepared many balls of different colors to explore when you experience.

zigzag 5

Difficulty level changes over time

To prevent you, the difficulty of the challenge in the game will increase over time. The longer you join, the more complex the challenges are. At that time, your ball will move at a higher speed, and complicated sections will appear continuously to challenge your control. The longer you experience, the more you have to focus. Only one wrong operation will cause you to stop your journey. Try to focus well when participating in challenges and create many impressive scores.

Unique graphics

ZigZag APK Mod has attractive 3D graphics with a variety of colours used to provide a unique experience for users. Also, the roads of the game are well prepared and create many unexpected challenges for everyone. These sections are designed to be varied and constantly changing, making the players have to concentrate on overcoming.

zigzag 4


ZigZag is a game that promises to create lots of fun and entertaining time. Although it has been released for a long time, this game is always loved by everyone. Share it with friends to play together and find the best player.