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  • Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 72 MB
  • Date Updated: July 12, 2018

If you have been bored with traditional zombie killer games, then Zombie Derby 2 will be a good choice for you. The game is released by HeroCraft developer. Players will be involved in dangerous battles to destroy bloodthirsty Zombies. Instead of using powerful rifles, players will use specially designed vehicles to fight the Zombie army. With unique gameplay and multiplatform features, players will find the most exciting and unique experience in this game.

zombie derby 2 2

Crushed, attacked and destroyed

When participating in Zombie Derby 2 for Android, the player will own a car specially designed. Unlike the ordinary cars we meet on the street, the vehicles in this game are very durable and armed. You will use your special vehicle to participate in the battles of existence in various locations around the world and destroy the zombies. At first, your car will appear at a starting position. You will control the car moving from the left side to the right of the screen to destroy the zombies and complete the difficult level.

zombie derby 2 3

However, the game also has many other challenges for you. Different obstacles like old cars, walls, wooden crates … These obstacles will stop your life journey and make you fail. Do not worry, your car has the power to break all of these obstacles and crush the bloodthirsty zombies that dare to block. In addition, you can make your race more unique by implementing difficult techniques. You will get more bonuses when performing difficult driving techniques such as Back Flip.

Zombie Derby 2 – Post-apocalyptic racing

Once you have overcome many different difficulty levels, you will receive a lot of bonuses coming from the game. Players can use the bonuses they receive to upgrade their cars to become stronger or they can buy a new car. Your car after the upgrade will become much stronger. With stronger weapons and more rigid armor you will easily kill all the zombies and obstacles in the higher difficulty levels.

zombie derby 2 4

Impressive design

Zombie Derby 2 Mod Coins owns a very beautiful and unique 3D graphics design. You can only see your car with a horizontal view, but all the different details are displayed very clearly on the screen of the device. The sound of crushed zombies or broken obstacles is very vivid.

zombie derby 2 5


Compared to the traditional zombie killing games, Zombie Derby 2 Mod Money gives the player a very impressive and unique experience. The races in this game will attract you right from the first sight. Experience it and you will get the most amazing feeling!

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