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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 96 MB
  • Date Updated: July 27, 2019

Current shooting challenges are built with different content to bring more exciting experiences to players. It is designed and built from online competitive tasks to intense survival. Each content will bring unique emotional experiences to players. So you’ve thought of exploring a shooting challenge in combination with an attractive survival factor? If you want to enjoy this unique combination, Zombie Royale is the name you must explore right now.

zombie royale 2

Due to being combined with two fascinating challenges of shooting and survival, the game will bring many interesting tasks to complete. You will be fighting and surviving in the post-apocalyptic context. Zombie disease has appeared globally, and you must move continuously to survive. On the way, there will appear many zombies, and you must destroy them to reach a safe position.

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Fight to survive

Survival challenge and kill zombies is a familiar topic, and you will not need to spend much time getting used to. Zombie Royale APK Mod has been prepared with a unique and gentle gameplay system. Therefore, you can comfortably enjoy the game’s mission anywhere. The manufacturer will provide you with a character and a basic weapon system for you to fight zombies.

Zombie Royale – Epic zombie slaying game!

To survive in a chaotic world, your character will automatically move to the required location. And along the way will appear a lot of zombies. So you need to control the character in a smart way to use weapons and kill the zombies that appear on the way. Good control of your character helps you destroy as many zombies as possible and avoid their crazy attack.

zombie royale 4

In the process of moving to a safe position, you must touch the screen to use weapons and take down the zombies that are blocking your path. In case of not using weapons, you can swipe your hand to the left or right of the screen to avoid the attack of the enemy if you want to achieve good results and move to a safe location. You need to harmonize the use of weapons and move to the left or right to avoid zombies. The key to winning these unique challenges is to control quickly and keep calm with threats.

Diverse weapons system

With a large number of zombies, Zombie Royale has been prepared with many different weapons for players to use. Each weapon will have a specific amount of damage, and you are allowed to use many different weapons to complete the challenge. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a basic pistol. If you want to use other weapons, you need to destroy many zombies and accumulate a large bonus. Bonuses will be used to unlock new weapons. From there, you are free to explore powerful guns like shotgun, submachine gun or rifle.

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Ketchapp producer has prepared a simple but beautiful image system. It is designed with an attractive sandbox style and will provide many exciting battle images for everyone. With a pleasing image system, this game has a small capacity (97 MB), which makes it easy to set up a variety of devices.