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The shooting challenge is always a top choice of many players in the world. Shooting challenges always bring excitement to everyone. Besides, you also have the opportunity to enjoy many kinds of powerful and beautiful dancing. Currently, shooting challenges are often combined with several other topics to bring more fun to players. Would you like to explore the fascinating shooting challenge with the familiar and addictive zombie theme? Are you ready for crazy battles in a chaotic world? Coming to Zombie Slayer, you will challenge your courage.

zombie slayer 1

Familiar content

Zombie Slayer APK Mod owns the content that is familiar to everyone. Mankind is on the brink of killing; zombie disease is invading the earth quickly. The number of zombies is getting bigger and people will face danger all the time.. Mankind is at risk of extinction; survivors have decided to stand up and regain life. An army of survivors has been established, and this army is responsible for destroying all zombies in the world. You are one of the members of this army, and you are responsible for creating a new world for humankind.

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Extreme journey

To destroy the zombies and clean the world, you will need to participate in many different combat missions. Each task is a separate request and place for you to perform. The initial missions are relatively simple and mean you can only use simple weapons like a pistol. However, the number of quests will increase over time, and you must face many dangerous zombies. The more complex the task, you need to equip the best weapons to complete the mission. Therefore, the manufacturer has prepared a series of different weapons systems for you to use (Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, …)

Zombie Slayer – Apocalypse Survival Click RPG

More than 40 different locations have been designed to challenge your courage. Each location will have different types of zombies occupied. The quests you are required include destroying all zombies or rescuing survivors and some other special requirements. In battle, the zombies will constantly appear and attack you. They will not give you time to rest. If you are not careful, you will be eaten by zombies. Therefore, players need a strong spirit to face pressure in the game.

zombie slayer 3

Besides fighting multiple zombies at the same time, players are also given some special missions such as destroying BOSS. Unlike normal zombies, BOSS will possess a large size and tremendous power. You need to use a variety of weapons with great damage to defeat them or attack their weaknesses. Completing each assigned task will help you gain experience points and unlock new weapons systems for you to use.

Fight online

In addition to the challenges and missions offline, Zombie Slayer also allows players across the globe to connect in PVE missions. With PVE mode, you have the opportunity to create groups and perform complex tasks with other players. Participating in the tasks of PVE also gives you more attractive rewards. Besides, you also compete to achieve achievements and good positions in the online rankings of the game.