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Zombie is always a subject that many people are interested in and love. It always has a great appeal for many people. Therefore, game makers often use this theme to create blockbuster games. There are many games on this subject such as action, shooting, tactics … But if you want to experience a completely new game and have the interesting game, I would like to introduce you a game called Zombie Tsunami. This can be a game not too strange to those who often play games on the phone. The game has been out for a long time, but it still has a great appeal that no one can deny. The game has become a monument, and any other game is desirable. So what made the game so successful? Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below!

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About the game

Zombie Tsunami Mod Gold is a completely different game from other genres. When it comes to Zombie games, people are often reminded of shooting games, horror or bloodthirsty scenes with Zombie Tsunami; things change completely. You will get the experience that is not like any other game. In the game, you will be transformed into a zombie running around the city and trying to eat as many people as possible. This is a very interesting experience. You need to try to eat as many people as possible, making them zombies like yourself and destroying obstacles in front of you. The game is very simple but has a great attraction. As long as you play it once, it’s hard to resist the appeal of the game.

zombie tsunami 2

How to play

Zombie Tsunami Mod Money has a fairly simple gameplay. The in-game control system is also extremely easy to operate. The only thing you need to do is touch the screen, so the zombies jump up. As I said above, the game’s rules are quite simple. You will be a zombie and try to turn many people into zombies like yourself. But this is not an easy task.

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Along the way, you will encounter a lot of obstacles and obstacles. For example, cars, aeroplanes, etc. To destroy these obstacles, you need to have the required amount of zombies. For example, to destroy a car, you need four the zombie, the zombie 6 to smash a truck … If you do not pass the obstacle or to the amount of your Zombie dead, you will lose.

Zombie Tsunami APK Mod Unlimited Gold/Money/Gems/Coins

But the game has a very attractive feature that is equipped system is randomly placed on the road. You can use them to become stronger and have special skills such as destroying everything on the way, jumping higher, flying… Also, in recent updates, you can also use your pet. They have many different effects that you should learn and explore yourself.

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Graphics and sound

Zombie Tsunami Mod Gems is equipped with a 2D graphics system. Because the game is the quite simple game, so the graphics are too high for the game is not necessary. But thanks to the simple graphics that the game can play smoothly on most devices today. The game still gives you a great experience with sharp images, realistic descriptive details and characters designed in a lovely cartoon style.

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The sound in the game is also fun when all the sounds are described very funnily. I am very pleased and have nothing to criticize about graphics and sound in the game. I believe that the game will also bring you the best experience, help you quickly dispel fatigue.

zombie tsunami

Fight with your friends

Zombie Tsunami Mod Coins is a simple but extremely addictive game. This is a great choice for those who are looking for a simple game to entertain after hours of work and study tired. Invite friends and relatives to see who can score the highest score. The game will help you have a great time together. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!