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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later iOS 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: August 15, 2018

Zombie is always a big topic for developers to create attractive games. In addition to the role-playing game bloody battle, Zombie game also brings players a lot of fun. You also know about Zombie game is unique Plants vs Zombies and some other games. These games bring a lot of fun to the players and make them forget about the stress. If you are looking for a fun and unique zombie game, Zombies Ate My Friends released by Glu will meet all your needs. Before joining this fun game, keep track of our reviews on this game in the article below.

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The world of Zombies Ate My Friends Mod Gold is a place filled with zombies. The zombies have destroyed many big cities and killed many people. All of the most powerful military forces of humanity have failed in front of a large army of Zombies. Our world is in decline; you will become a hero. The only reason you fight is that you want to bring peace to the world and destroy all Zombies, all Zombies will be your enemies. Can you destroy the entire zombie and save the world?

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Destroy the zombies and find the survivors

In this chaotic world, your city has been destroyed by zombies. However, you are not the only survivor of this disaster. You will have to make the journey to destroy the zombies and find the others. Sure, you will not be able to defeat the entire zombie alone. You will need help from others. After completing each mission of the game, the player will find another survivor. Get along with other characters to make the journey to kill the zombies to save the world.

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The gameplay of the game is quite simple; you can join this game without any guidance. Zombie battles will not be as fierce as traditional role-playing games. You will only need to kill each of the zombies as they approach you. You can use many different ways to destroy zombies. Of course, you will still have to keep your character safe. No one wants to let these hideous creatures touch their bodies. Each time you kill a zombie, you will receive precious items. These items will help you to create more weapons to get through higher difficulty levels easily.

Zombies Ate My Friends for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Fun graphics

The graphic design of Zombies Ate My Friends APK Download has received high praise from the players. This game gives the player a 2D animated cartoon style design. The characters in the game are very user-friendly, Zombie in the game is expressed in a variety of styles. You will recognize the different types of zombies and kill them easily. The sound of the game will make the players feel like they are involved in the real world of Zombie.

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Zombies Ate My Friends will be a catchy game that is of much interest to the player. With unique gameplay and fun graphic design, the game will give players the most comfortable moments. You can experience the game right now with the link at the bottom of the article.