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  • Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 176 MB
  • Date Updated: March 27, 2019

What will you do when the world is destroyed by a zombie epidemic? Will you find a way to run away from bloodthirsty zombies or will you choose to stay to fight and regain human life? If you’re ready to stay and fight for life, explore Zombieville USA 2 to enjoy the many dangerous battles ahead. With the familiar theme of shooting and fighting to survive, players will enjoy many unique battles with a series of interesting images. To join and explore the exciting battles of the game, please use the sharing link at the end of the article.

Zombieville USA 2 1

A new and more attractive version

Compared to the old version, Mika Mobile, Inc manufacturer has brought many changes such as image system and weapons to create a lot of interesting experiences for players. In particular, the imaging system is prepared more carefully and sophisticatedly. The movements of the character or zombies will be more vivid and smooth.

Zombieville USA 2 for Android/iOS

Also, your battle environment will be played in many different locations to help create more unique challenges. Visual effects such as fire and explosion are designed to be realistic and make players more interested. Many new characters and diverse weapons are waiting for you to discover in the fierce battle ahead.

Zombieville USA 2 2

Intuitive interface

In Zombieville USA 2 for iOS, you will discover fascinating shooting missions with an intuitive and attractive interface system. With this interface system, you can control the game’s information well. The information you need to capture is the type of weapon you are using, your ammunition or the amount of HP you have enough to continue your quest and more information.

Zombieville USA 2 3

To provide the best control, the interface system is very scientifically arranged. On the right of the screen, the device will have a virtual key for you to control the direction of character movement. And above this virtual key is the character’s HP bar. Next to the HP line will be showing the type of weapon in use and its ammunition. On the left of the screen, there are three different virtual keys that allow using three different weapons when participating in the mission. Besides, it also shows the number of zombies that you have successfully defeated.

Tasks and ways to destroy zombies

To regain human life, you are taken to various locations in the city to fight zombies. The difficulty of each challenge will be different. So you need to control wisely and fight carefully. Each challenge will have a time limit, and you must survive the limited time of the game. The average time for you to kill zombies is 2 minutes, and when you join the quest, you can use three different weapons.

Zombieville USA 2 4

When participating in quests, every zombie you destroy will help you create new scores. The more zombies you destroy, the more points you will get. In the mission map, the character will move in a horizontal screen and on the way there will be many items for you to collect. These items will appear after you destroy items such as trash, mailboxes, and lawn mowers.

Zombieville USA 2 5

For simple challenges and a small number of zombies, you can use melee weapons to destroy them. However, when faced with large numbers of zombies, you must use guns. There are many different types of guns like shotgun, pistol, rifle or submachine gun for you to use. To unlock new weapons, you need to complete the quests and own a lot of money.


Zombieville USA 2 is an attractive and simple shooting game for you to relax when needed. Various tasks, weapons or different characters will provide unique entertainment experiences. In particular, in this new version, you can also join challenges with many other players in public game. Therefore, experience now and fight alongside your friends to regain the world for humankind.

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